While on holiday in Mallorca, not everything has to be about relaxing, wandering along the beach and taking it easy. If you enjoy excitement and practicing sport, you can find plenty of different options to practice water sports in Mallorca during your holiday. At JS Hotels, we’ve put together some of the best options close to our hotel to add a bit of excitement to your holiday.

water sports in Mallorca

Diving in Mallorca
The Mallorcan coastline offers the perfect surroundings to give this sport a chance. Thanks to its clear waters it’s easy to spot fish of all shapes, sizes and colours.

If you’ve never been diving, sign up for an organised dive or a beginner diving course in Mallorca. The Porto Colom cliffs are located just a few metres from JS Cape Colom and JS Es Corso and have some spectacular spots for diving.

For those of you with more experience and qualified in deep sea diving, the coast also has some harder to reach places where you can find some incredible caves and areas with deep, blue water. Don’t miss out on the chance to see its inhabitants up close and personal: octopuses, moray eels, conger eels, groupers and even lobsters.

water sports in Mallorca

As it’s such a simple sport which requires very little equipment, snorkelling has become one of the most popular water sports. Thanks to the temperature of the Mediterranean Sea, you won’t even need a wetsuit during the summer months. The only equipment required is snorkelling goggles and a breathing tube. On the shore, you can snorkel as when you please, but if you want to head out to an area away from the swimmers, it’s best to do so with an organised group and experienced monitors.

Actividades acuáticas en MallorcaWindsurfing
Legend has it that windsurfing was born of a miracle starring Sant Ramon de Penyafort in the 13th century; more than 700 years before the official birth of the sport, which was created by Tom Blake. According to this story, the monk sailed from Mallorca to Barcelona in his religious habit and with a sailing mast. Legends aside, the Bahia de Alcudia is ideal for this water sport thanks to its extensive beaches and wind. Head over to one of the specialist centres close to JS Alcudi-Mar and JS Sol de Alcudia.

water sports in MallorcaKitesurfing
Although it’s more common in places such as Tarifa or Fuerteventura, kitesurfing has also become an important part of Mallorca’s beaches. It consists of skimming across the waves on a board while the wind pulls the kite attached to a harness worn by the surfer. The weather conditions in summer are fantastic for this type of sport thanks to the wind, so it can be done on most days of the year. Enjoy this sport at Can Pastilla, just a few metres away from JS Palma Stay or in Son Serra de Marina, just a 10-minute drive from the JS Hotels in Can Picafort.

Paddle Surfing
Mallorca is the ideal place to Paddle Surf thanks to its calm waters. Join an organised group or hire the equipment at one of the centres close to our hotels; Can Picafort or Can Pastilla. You’ll be able to enjoy the pretty cliffs and explore spots that aren’t easily accessed without a paddle board.

Mallorca and some of the beaches to the north of the island in particular, have become one of the landmark destinations for those who want to enjoy the waves while surfing. It’s not surprising as the climate and type of coastline on the island make this sport possible during the majority of the year.

Jet Skis
You’ll often see jet skis at the beaches in the Balearic Islands. The jet ski hire centres are located at the marinas, where you’ll also be able to hire speedboats. Depending on the specification of the jet ski or speedboat you’re looking to hire, you won’t need a licence. However, you should always take into account the safe distances from the beach, cliffs and diving areas.

water sports in Mallorca

At JS Hotels, we offer various possibilities of accommodations and enjoy any of these water sports in Mallorca, thanks to the location of our hotels which are distributed along the Mallorca coastline.

water sports in Mallorca