The night of June 23 is one of the most magical nights of the year: the night of San Juan. A night full of magic, traditions and beaches. The shortest night of the year gives way to the remaining 364 days. Bonfires and rituals under a blanket of stars for a fiesta that brings happiness, love and good luck.

All of the beaches in Spain are dotted with fires and son to welcome the summer solstice. On the beaches in Mallorca to the north of the island, the tradition comes alive and the beaches are full of people who choose to enjoy a late dinner in the moonlight or enjoy the concerts and parties that liven up the evening. The most popular beaches to celebrate the night of San Juan are:

-Playa de Muro: this beach in the north of Mallorca is one of the most popular destinations on the night of San Juan. As one of the most beautiful places on the island, it is perfect for spending a quiet night by the light of the bonfires and the moon. If you decide to stay in a hotel, just 100 metres from Playa de Muro you can find the 4-star JS Alcudi Mar Hotel.The night also coincides with the festivities for the patron saint of the municipality.

-Ca’nPicafort: this area in the northwest of Mallorca is a perfect place to spend the most magical night of the year. Both the pleasant climate and the cultural attractions offered by Ca’nPicafortcreate the ideal environment for having fun or enjoying a vacation. JS Hoteles offers five hotels in the area for all types of tastes and budgets.

-Alcudia: located in the northeast of Mallorca, Alcudia is one of the most beautiful parts of the island. Along its 30 kilometres of coast line, the night of San Juan is celebrated in an environmentally-friendly way. As an Ecotourism Destination, its commitment to the environment is even firmer on a night for which ecology is a fundamental factor. The JS Sol de Alcudia Hotels perfect for spending the night of San Juan near the beach and just a few metres from the shopping and leisure facilities.

-Porto Colom: The spirit of the SanJoan festival is apparent in Porto Colom, a peaceful destination where the night of San Juan is full of colour thanks to the patron saintfestivities in the area. A fishing village with a seafaring spirit, full of traditional crafts manship and exquisite cuisine awaits you in one of the most authentic places on the island. For those who wish to spend the evening in Porto Colom, JS Hotels provides two wonderful hotels: JS Es Corso and JS Cape Colom

noche de sant joan

The traditions of the night of SanJuan require that we perform three ritualswhen midnightfalls:

-Light a white candle and make a wish.Let the candle burn down little by little until it eventually goes out.

-Another ritual of the night of San Juan is to light a bon fire and then jump over itseven times. Always be very careful not to getburned.

«At midnight,the tradition is to take a swim in the sea.» If you are also able to jump nine waves with your back to the sea, you can increase your fertility and eliminate all negative energy according to the most superstitious.