We would like you to enjoy your stay at JS Hotels beyond our walls and out into the streets of Alcudia, so we have decided to publish this restaurant guide in our blog.

In this article, we are going to talk about restaurants in Alcudia and its surroundings which are different from the typical refreshment stands on the beach or the restaurants offering local Majorcan food. Below you may find the list we have prepared for you:

Haute and signature cuisine

El Jardín Restaurant. CarrerTritones, s/n, 07410 Alcudia.

Maca de Castro is the Chef of this restaurant,which boasts one Michelin star. This place offers a tasting menu based on ingredients coming right from Majorca´s larder.The Chef has used her creativity to reinvent them without losing the traditional touch, thus creating dishes which reverberate with every bite.

Maca de Castro loves to work with Mediterranean fish and meat cuts that are not commonly used, thus putting a new spin on recipes such as the trampó salad, a Majorcan dish including tomato, onion, and Majorcan green pepper,all seasoned with a good olive oil.


This restaurant is located near the Hotel JS Sol de Alcudia.

Mar y Paz Restaurant.CarrerEnginyerFelicià Fuster, 1, 07458 Can Picafort.

This restaurant is situated on the beach in Can Picafort and has a salt water swimming pool. An interesting fact about it is that the menus are laid out in album covers and feature Mediterranean dishes combined with Asian cuisine including a lot of fresh seafood, such as clams in their shell cooked with pasta, and crab and lobster rice. You can also choose to have paella, pad thai or tandoori chicken.

It also stands out for its homemade hamburgers made with ground beef and pork, served with fried potatoes, such as the Bistiburger made with chilli, capers and pickled gherkins.

Argos.Paseo de Saralegui, 118, Pollenca

To finish this list we would like to introduce this state-of-the-art restaurant created to offer Majorcan and Mediterranean dishes combined with international cuisine mindfully chosen by its Chef, Álvaro Salazar. Each of the courses is carefully elaborated to make it unique and special. The brand of this cuisine is marked by the seasonality of its products and environment,which defines it as a “free cuisine”.

International Cuisine

 If you want to taste non-local food on the island, there are also restaurantsin Alcudia and its surroundingsthat offer international dishes and where you may enjoy different flavours than the ones you are used to.

Mango Thai. Carrer de Diana, 10, 07400 Port de Alcudia.

Alcudia is still a very good location, if you want to keep tasting food from other countries. You can have a classical dish such as the Pad Thaior the Sataiperochicken. If you dare to try something spicy, this is the perfect restaurant for you. But do not get alarmed if you are not into tangy food, as all the spicy dishes in the menu are well marked and you can always ask the waiter for advice when in doubt.


This restaurant is only a few minutes´ walk away from the JS Sol Alcudia hotel.

Maharaj Restaurant.Avda. Italia 83, 07400 Port de Alcudia.

Enjoy Indian food without going to India. As with the prior restaurant, it offers a wide range of spicy dishes, but if you are not into this type of food, you should still take this opportunity, as you will be able to taste exotic flavours and condiments.

This post is a sequel of the one previously published on Interesting places to eat in Alcudia and northern Majorca.