It is already known that JS Hotels offer a variety of accommodation options and several attractive alternatives for cycling lovers. Our JS Cycling Centre offers cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to get to know Majorca’s cycling tours that will take them through beautiful scenery and vary in difficulty.

We are in the proud and happy position to inform you that JS Alcudi-Mar has been certified as a Bikefriendly Resort for the 2015 season. Only 3 other hotels are Bikefriendly on Majorca, and JS Alcudi-Mar is the only one in the north of the island.

jshotels - bikefriendly

Bikefriendly is a quality certification award for those accommodation businesses that support cycling, enhance the experience of cyclists within the beautiful landscape of Majorca and offer exceptional, free services for bicycle tourists.

You can see 10 lovely cycling tours on Majorca that are offered on the JS Hotels webpage. Now is the moment to enjoy Majorca’s natural environment and take those magical tours around the island while doing your favourite sport and staying at the best hotel for this purpose, where cycling is simply in the air.

We would also like to invite you to our Cycling Centre at JS Alcudi-Mar and show you all the perks: parking and repairing facilities, shop, rental and adjustment services, performance improvement guidance, relaxing and recovery centre. All our services aim at improving our cyclists’ performance. For this purpose they receive all possible assistance and services as soon as they reach their hotel in Majorca.

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