Climbing in Majorca: Itineraries

Posted by JS Hotels | On: Oct 25 2012

A few days ago we introduced canyoning in Majorca to you and promised to show you 3 routes for 3 different difficulty levels. Below we propose a few water streams where you can do canyoning in Majorca:

Low difficulty level: The Pareis water stream

This water stream, which has been awarded the status of natural monument, has no technical difficulties and is one of the island’s wonders. Its large natural walls, which block the sunlight almost completely, make this gorge a magical place full of geological vagaries.

Note: being in good physical condition is advisable.

Medium difficulty level: The Biniaraix water stream

It begins in Valle de l’Ofre and reaches Puerto de Sóller. The stretch of the river used for sports is the section called the Biniaraix gorge, high up in the mountains. About this water stream we could say that it is short but rough, with a series of consecutive drops found in the second part of the stream. It is a vertical waterfall with a high flow of water, which requires technical skills.

Conditions: Good physical condition, ability to swim and previous experience.

High difficulty level: Gorg Blau – Sa Fosca

It was first explored in 1965. Its walls are 300 m high and at different points they are only 35 cm apart from each other. In addition, along the final stretch, which is known as “Sa Fosca”, we must use our headlights. The gorge begins at the foot of the Puig Major massif, the Tossals massif and the Serra des Teix known as the Gorg Blau reservoir. It is the king of the streams in Majorca, combining water, length, drops and technical skills.

Conditions: Good physical condition, ability to swim and previous experience.

Don’t miss the opportunity to do this sport in Majorca. Although it may not seems so at first, the island is full of amazing places that you, sports lovers, will surely love.

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  1. Para realizar la excursión de Gorg Blau – Sa Fosca, es imprescindible contar con algun guia experto, ya que puede resultar peligrosa.