Kitesurf in Mallorca

Posted by JS Hotels | On: Aug 21 2012

Fine sand, clear waters and feeling the wind on your face. Sat facing the sea, a kite on one side, a board on the other, and an entire kite surfing session ahead of you.

Kitesurf en Mallorca

There is no need to go all the way to Hawaii or take Route 66 to be able to enjoy fly surfing on an ideal location. Majorca offers sea lovers and adrenaline junkies the best setting to be able to practise this extreme sport.

We warn you though: once you have tried it, you won’t be able to stop, since adrenaline is highly addictive. Muscles tensing up, sunshine, focus, the mountainous background, the spirit of achievement and weightlessness.  Or, in other words, when a sport becomes a lifestyle.

The best beaches for surfing are Barcarès and Can Pastilla. The beaches have delimited sections specifically for surfing, with plenty of room on the sandy stretch to fly a kite, which work a treat with thermal updraft winds. The constant wind, pleasant temperatures and a spectacular landscape are there for you to enjoy while on the sea.

Near the Bacarès beach you can find our hotels in the northern part, such as the “JS Sol de Alcudia” and “JS Alcudi-Mar”, while in Can Pastilla you can find the “Hotel Orleans Garden”. Most of them have spa facilities and massage services. So, what can be better to end a great day of surfing than being pampered by our professional masseurs?

Kite surfers in Majorca are split into three groups or zones: the largest one is at Pollensa Bay, between Sa Marina de Alcudia and the Port of Pollensa, where there can sometimes be more than 100 kite surfers, many of whom are beginners experiencing their first runs on a kite surfboard, either on their own or with a supervisor. The second spot is in Can Pastilla, near the Airport in Palma, where the majority of kite surfers are more experienced, since they must observe the boundaries of the restricted open-sea water sports area, which, beginning 200 m into the sea, is not as easy to reach as it may seem. And lastly: El Buzón, a hidden beach in Playas de Muro, where there are sections without any hotels and where access to the beach resembles a maze, meaning there tend to be fewer swimmers.

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