Climbing in Mallorca

Posted by JS Hotels | On: Oct 02 2012

This is perhaps one of the most amazing sports practised on the island, since we can see a large number of people doing climbing every day. Majorca is one of the best spots to do all kinds of climbing. Indeed, one can find the small Tramuntana mountain range nearly throughout the entire west coast. These mountains do not have vertigo-inducing heights, but the Puig Major peak is 1447 m high, which is no laughing matter. It is located halfway through between Sóller and Pollença, and surrounded by two reservoirs in the heart of the Majorcan mountains.

The quality and structure of the rock are perfect to practice climbing. There are a number of climbing routes for all levels and several trips are organised throughout the year. In mountaineering terms, climbing is a sport that consists in ascending on a relatively vertical rock, snow or ice slope, using arms and legs to do so, by means of roping techniques and special equipment, such as rope, crampons and axes.

People visiting Majorca do not necessarily realise how surprising the island can be with its magical pockets with water pools and majestic water drops.  In doing canyoning in Majorca, it is possible to see and walk around the most natural, unspoilt and rough corners of the earth. The geological features of the Tramuntana mountain range have made it possible for us to be able to enjoy ourselves doing this sport. We offer you the chance to follow the water flowing through the Sierra, for which we have the most interesting routes. On the island of Majorca, there are all kinds of water streams and levels, going from beginner to more advanced levels, which have short yet consecutive water drops and others with larger drops, which flow through cliffs of over 200 m, which are more open, but all of which are situated within a unique natural environment.

Our hotels in northern Majorca are close to the Serra de Tramontana mountain range. In most of them you can relax at the Spa and even have a massage by one of our highly qualified professionals following a rewarding day of climbing or canyoning.

Shortly we will publish 3 canyoning routes for 3 different difficulty levels.

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