The natural surroundings and the beautiful beaches of Mallorca attract thousands of tourists to the Balearic Islands each year, and now there are also plenty of attractions to make the most of your holiday in Mallorca.
Mallorca has unique areas on the island increasingly known for Sports of all kinds, and water activities that can be performed on the beaches of Mallorca are specially in vogue.


In a recent post, we also talked about even more innovative activities as FlyBoard in Mallorca, practiced mainly in the northern part of the island, on the beach of Alcudia, where you find a good number of centers for water sports in Mallorca.

An excellent option, have or not idea about it, is Jetski. Thanks to the guided tours on Jetski offered in Mallorca, you can visit interesting places and beautiful natural environments that are difficult to access otherwise.

One of the most complete centers specializing in this activity is JetSki Balear, with all the services needed to perform this activity safely and easily, And it is also one of the few companies that allow to enjoy this activity, without the need for having a license!

So you can try JetSki in Mallorca whenever you want and at the moment you choose without any problem. At our hotels in Porto Colom you find all the information for this activity.

Those seeking more adventure can perform more attractive and demanding sports such as Stand-Up Paddle Surfing, a new modality that is worldwide fashionable.
Undoubtedly, Mallorca is the ideal place for practicing water sports, because it has a spectacular natural environment and a comprehensive infrastructure that allows sports enthusiasts practice all kinds of water sports. If you want to perform a different activity for your holiday in Mallorca, try any of these sports, you’ll love it! … And if you stay in one of our hotels in Mallorca, just approach the reception, and our team will give all the information you need for it.